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Do we have technical support?

Yes, we have specialized technical support in English, Spanish, Italian and French. Don’t hesitate to contact us on info@833solar.com

In which countries de we operate?

Our sales network market expands from Spain to UK, Holland, France, Italy and we just got the UL certificate to be able to sell in the US market.

Where is our headquarters?

We are a European Solar Company based in Murcia, which is located in the South- East of Spain.

Where are our modules produced?

8.33 pv modules are manufactured in China, Japan, South Africa, Malaysia and Spain.

Can our modules be recycled?

Yes, we are members of PV Cycle.

Are they guaranteed?

833 solar offers a product warranty of 10-12 years 

How long will our modules last?

Our modules assure a life cycle of more than 25 years.
We guarantee a minimum 95% power output warranty for 12 years, and a minimum of 90% within 25 years.

What is the Lid effect?

Light induced depreciation (LID) can be described as decay of solar cell performance after exposure to light or injection with minority carriers in the dark. Lid occurs due to metastable defect structure in Czochielski- grown silicon (Cz-Si). In the standard case, Lid occurs when slack oxygen atoms are displaced by boron atoms in boron-doped silicon lattice. Alternatively, Lid effect is largely attenuated in gallium- doped silicon lattice, because gallium atom radius prevents formation of gallium-oxide.

What are the benefits of Mono Gallium?

We are providers of Mono Gallium a unique and alternative form of solar panel. The advantages of mono crystalline cells doped with gallium are:
1. They have commendable efficiency.
2. The light attenuation of mono crystalline cells (LID) doped with gallium is low and has good stability
3. Keeps cells good electrical properties under a wide resistivity range.

Which kind of solar panels can we offer? Why are we Premium?

In a market where all we seem to hear is price, we start to talk about the differences between modules. We want to offer a different product, where the quality is more important than cheapness. For this reason, we are specialized in a Premium Range.
We have Eternity mono black, mono gallium black and poly black 100% European.

What is a Photovoltaic system?

Photovoltaic system is a system which uses the sun’s energy to make electricity. A PV System eliminates or reduces the amount of electricity you purchase from your utility. It saves money on your electricity and acts as a hedge on future price increases.
Additionally, it is one of the cleanest and greenest sources of renewable energy available.

Why is our brand 8.33 Solar?

It takes on average 8.33 minutes for the sun´s energy to reach the Earth. What we do with this energy is entirely up to us. At 8.33 Solar we manufacture high quality and high efficiency solar photovoltaic modules that convert the sun’s energy into useful electricity for residential and commercial power needs.

Spain Headquarters
Table Trading S.A.
C/ Central nº 13 Torre Godoy
30100 Espinardo Murcia, España
Tel/Fax: +34 868 076 098
Email: info@833solar.com
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 0808 114040
Email: info@833solar.com
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